Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6

Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6
Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6
Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6

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Выбрать поздравления с днем рождения – не такая простая задача, как это может показаться на первый взгляд. Слова имеют огромное значение и обратно их вернуть уже нельзя, поэтому, сказав что-то, не подумав, можно испортить весь праздник имениннику и оставить в его душе вместо приятных воспоминаний лишь чувство досады и горечи. Сегодня поздравления с днем рождения очень разнообразны – это могут быть и стихи, проза, шуточные поздравления, стихи или просто пожелания на иностранном языке и т.д. Главное – правильно подобрать слова, которые бы соответствовали случаю и принесли много радости имениннику. Большой популярностью пользуются английские поздравления с днем рождения – сегодня этот язык знают практически все, поэтому трудностей с переводом возникнуть не должно.

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Happy sixteenth birthday Andrew,
it s hard to believe your sixteen today.
We ve had fun and laughter,
and the odd tear along the way.
I still remember the day I had you,
you weren t in any hurry to come out.
You were such a good baby,
and has you ve grown not much have I had to shout.
Still I remember fondly every milestone in your life,
from your first smile to your first day at school.
You always enjoyed lots of cuddles,
now you think for them your just too cool.
All I wish for you is that you are happy in life,
and that you do your best in all you do.
For if your happy than so too am I,
and never forget that I ll always love you. 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 30)

Coming up on 57.
Lead the way anew,
I shall follow shortly.
Tell me what to do.
Tell me how you do it.
How you stay so young.
What would be your secret,
Do not leave me hung.
I approach with angst,
The age that you ll see soon.
Let me know your secret.
Your youth still makes me swoon.
Don t know how you do it.
Eternally young to me.
Maybe that I love you such.
It causes me to see.
Beyond our chronological years,
You get to the heart of things.
I see the youth within your soul.
The youth from me you bring.
There are no wrinkles on ideals,
And love is always new.
Lead the way to another year,
I ll try to be young too. 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 24)

Its my birthday today
But I can t be happy and gay
Because my mind is astray
Whenever your away
Why aren t you here today?
Its a very special day
Are you that busy?
or you just wanted to hurt me?
I wanted to be with you
my heart yearns for you
What am I going to do?
I don t even have a clue
I have food and drinks for everybody
Lights and music to dance your booty
I have gifts from my peers
A hotel reception flowing with beer
I have everything for a celebrant
but how can I maintain this smiling front
If your not here by my side
In this birthday my heart has died
I wanted to see your smile
and for that I will rejoice
I will go the extra mile
Just to hear your voice
If I have one wish for today
I wish for you to be here by my side to stay
for me everything is nothing
It is you what my heart is wanting... 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 37)

For every angel that earns it s wings
and for the notes a blue jay would sing
today is a special day for you,
To shine like no other, enlighten things
I wouldn t know how it starts or ends
life is like a fashion since it follows trends
with a new age comes good,
best wishes from the family and even friends
Though age moves on with breeze, swiftly goes
it would never end like a series to shows
with it come surprises, what it holds
happiness and sadness like our highs and lows
So i send the best of many wishes to you
to enjoy like a rose that s fully bloomed...
to enjoy this new age a new,
and for all that you d wish for come true...
So break a smile like the sun over the rain
tears of joy only show, no words could explain
the emotion you d show or how to say
cause as we move on, I d wish you the best Happy Birthday 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 31)

Here s wishing that your Birthday
Is just as special as you
A day packed full of happiness 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 89)

Today is your day,
the day you were born
so many years ago,
I can t believe how fast its gone,
the years flew by so fast.
You re turning 14,
almost a man,
and I can t begin to to express my pride
in watching each new step you take
and watching you grow more everyday.
When I look at you its hard to believe
how mature and grown up you are
when I still see the sweet little boy
that I helped teach to tie his shoes
and held the hand of when he learned to walk.
I remember the mischievous twinkle in your eyes
and the adorable flashing dimple s,
the open and innocent face of a child
and how you used to love snuggling up beside me
while I read you stories at night.
It scares me a little that you re growing up
because you don t need me that much anymore
but with each day you amaze me more
and make me even more proud
that I get to call you my brother.
You ve taught me so very much
about the world and life and loving,
you ve taught me patience
when I wanted to scream
I still think you did it on purpose
You gave my life a purpose
and that was being your sister,
a very big privilege and honor,
thank you for showing me
the world through your eyes.
You re on your way, almost grown
you re smart and caring and understanding
and you ll go far with whatever you choose,
I m so proud of you for just being you
and I love you little brother! 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 14)

Today s the day
We get to say
We re happy you were born-
Hooray! 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 43)

It s a great miracle how you made it to the world,
It s a great surprise how you manage to pass through the boundaries,
The boundaries set by people who happen to be against His will and His decision.
And their wishes were nothing but a misery and nightmare for them.
They wished evil but He wished them a misery and disappointment.
They wished success but He wished them failure.
They challenged His decision, but He showed them strength, power,
And how protective He is on his children, because He is the ultimate one!
He is the one, who created earth and heaven,
He is the one, who clayed the man,
He is the one who gave man life.
He is the one, who made them as well,
He is the one, who rules and control everything,
And He is the one, who answers, WHY, WHEN, WHO, WHICH, HOW questions.
He grants life and He ends!
He gives strength, vision, Holy Spirit, and a direction to everyone.
He disallows trespass and He doesn t grant evil to human.
People just lost Christianity to Satanism.
He is the First and The last One!
He is Alfa! He is Omega!
And He is the earth and the heaven CEO.
No one on earth could overpower Him.
No one on earth could claim His tactics and powers.
So, it s a great miracle how you survived the evil.
The evil plotted by this cruel people.
Hurrah! It s a great honour and blessings for me to have you little princes.
It s a great happiness to have you born.
You deserved what everyone deserves.
Yes! You deserved life account and I deserved parenthood life.
Your birth has brought us joy and unity as a family.
Your birth gives me strength and long life hope.
Your birth granted me fatherhood life.
Your birth makes me grow.
Your birth makes me proud.
Daddy is what I always needed to be.
Parent-hood is what I needed most.
Happy birthday the little princes,
Happy birthday the little one!
Happy birthday my little daughter!
Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
I love you my little daughter!
I wished you and I wished you well the little princes.
I saw you coming,
cause my angel kept me telling.
I saw you coming, but I never knew the actual time.
You re the love of my life,
You re the light of my life.
You are my sunshine,
The pillar of my strength,
And the real successor of my life! 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 31)

The stands are full of eager fans
Who say, we re paid too much money!
But if they would put our suits on
They d find football isn t funny.
Twenty-two men and five referees
Chasing a pigskin, air filled ball.
Mashing and bashing all the way
Till the striped shirts whistle their call.
All the generals on the sideline
Are waging their athletic war.
And the letters in the words they use
Never amount to more than four.
There s no substitute for winning
And no excuse for losing.
Though after games; when we can t sleep
It s because of all the bruising. 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 7)

As you sail into another year of your life,
I hope your journey through it, is smooth and joyous...
And may all your plans find their way to success.
Happy Birthday! 4 1 2 3 4 5

 (голосов: 6)

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Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6 Английское поздравление с днём рождение стишки6

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